Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) Registration


Each eligible principal applicant, spouse and adult dependent wishing to attend Planning for Canada orientation sessions must register individually.

Once you complete your registration, you can continue registering other eligible family members who plan to attend Planning for Canada orientation sessions. A button will appear to bring you back to the registration form page.

A few points to keep in mind:

During this registration process and over the course of service delivery, we will be asking you to provide personal information. The personal information that we collect will be used to determine which pre-arrival services are most suited for your situation. Some of the personal information collected will also be used to validate your eligibility, with the Government of Canada, to receive pre-arrival services. We encourage you to read IRCC's booklet titled Gathering Information, which provides additional details on the collection, storage and management of client personal information.

There is no save feature on this registration form. If you close this form before finishing the registration process, your information will not be saved.

To confirm your eligibility, you will need to provide a completed digital version of your IMM 5650 form (“OFFER OF EMPLOYMENT TO A FOREIGN NATIONAL – ATLANTIC IMMIGRATION PILOT”). You'll need it in an electronic format (a .doc, .docx, .pdf, .png, .jpg, or .jpeg file).

Start registration here by confirming eligibility:

Part 1: Eligibility Yes No

  • Completed Job Offer Form, or
  • a Confirmation of Designation (provided by province to your Employer)
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*Which Canadian Atlantic Province do you plan to settle in?

Please Note:
There is no save feature for this form, once complete click the submit button at the end of the form and your information will be sent.
Page 4: Registration
  1. *Your current location

  2. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project  Federal Skilled Worker  Provincial Nominee  Live-In Caregiver Dependant  Family Class
    Canadian Experience  Federal Entrepreneur  Federal Investor
    Federal Skilled Trades  Federal Self-Employed   Startup Business 
  3. *Did you apply for permanent residence to Canada through Express Entry (EE)?
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    For more detail on EE, see:
  4. *Your immigration status
  5. *Your current contact details (at least one phone number and one email address are mandatory. Please enter your phone number in the international format ie: Include the country code and drop any zeros where required. This will help our staff get in touch with you more quickly)

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    What are your short and long-term career goals in Canada? (Please be as specific as possible):

    Short -Term (where do you see yourself 6 months from landing in Canada?):

    Long-Term (where do you see yourself 6 months to 3 years from landing in Canada?):

  11. Your details of highest professional qualification (If applicable. This can be any form of certification, licensure etc which you received after obtaining your academic credential. ie: Certified Charted Accountant.).

  12. Poor Moderate Fluent
    Poor Moderate Fluent
  13. English French
  14. Click here for examples of where to find your immigration numbers.

    (Please note that your Client ID Number/Unique Client Identifier is mandatory)

    Format: 1111 1111 OR 11 1111 1111

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  17. Consent to use and disclose personal data:
    Your response to the following requests will not affect your access to Planning for Canada services. Personal data provided by you on this Form will be used and disclosed in accordance with CICan's Privacy Policy.
    1. *I hereby consent to Planning for Canada collecting, using, retaining, and disclosing my personal information in order to attain the purposes identified in CICan's Privacy Policy which I have read and understood.
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    2. *I hereby confirm that the information I have provided on this registration form is current and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
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    By submitting this Form, you agree to allow Planning for Canada to retain and store your personal data on a secure server in Canada in accordance with the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and other relevant privacy legislation